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  • Consolidation of corporate power;
    unprecedented cuts to newsrooms;
    concentration of ownership;
    the rise of the public relations industry;
    the intensification of disinformation campaigns;
    reliance on right-wing think tanks.

    While you won't read about it in the papers, these ongoing trends are cause for increasing alarm among hundreds of thousands of Canadians. These trends have also led to the largest resurgence in independent media activity in decades.

    In Canada, as elsewhere, diverse efforts involving thousands of people have arisen. However, these efforts remain largely obscure to the vast majority of Canadians.

    MANA (Media Alliance for New Activism) is Canada's largest network of independent media groups. was created to aid those who are looking for alternatives, or wish to get involved in building independent media.

    MANA receives new queries and requests each week from concerned citizens and journalists from all over Canada. Unfortunately, MANA currently has no funding, staff, or volunteers, and so our online directory is not being updated at this time.

    We need a team of committed volunteers to maintain this website and to build our network. If you are interested in getting involved, please email us, or contact MANA co-founder group, The ACTivist magazine.

    In Print | Television and Video | Online | Local | Français | Organizations and Activism | Indymedia | | Student Press | Radio

    ¶ In Print
    "Cross-disability lifestyle magazine"
    Alberta Views
    "Perspectives on a province"
    The ACTivist magazine
    "Peace, Ecology and Human Rights"
    Alternatives Journal
    "Canadian Environmental Ideas and action"
    Briarpatch Magazine
    "Fighting the War on Error"
    The Canadian
    "Progressive and cross-cultural national newspaper"
    Canadian Dimension
    "For people who want to change the world"
    Columbia Journal
    "Alternative to the corporate press in BC"
    Common Ground
    Monthly magazine on "health, ecology & personal growth."
    Discourse and Disclosure
    "A forum for thinking people"
    The Dominion
    "Canada's grassroots national newspaper"
    "The Marxist voice of youth and labour"
    Global Aware
    A collective of journalists, photographers, writers, graphic designers, web professionals and concerned individuals working towards environmental justice and social change.
    Global Outlook
    "The truth behind the headlines"
    Good Girl Magazine
    "Challenging and critiquing the status quo"
    "Quarterly Canadian feminist magazine"
    Just Labour
    "A Canadian Journal of Work and Society"
    The Knoll
    Student journal at UBC
    Maisonneve Magazine
    "Eclectic curiosity"; Montréal
    Marxist-Leninist Daily
    From the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist Leninist)
    New Socialist Magazine
    Monthly magazine covering class struggle
    Our Times
    "Canada's Independent Labour Magazine"
    Peace Magazine
    Discussion of peacemaking; Quarterly
    Prairie Peaks News
    News for the Canadian West
    Press for Conversion!
    From the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade
    The Ram's Horn
    Monthly of food systems analysis
    Magazine published by Native youth in Vancouver.
    The Republic
    "Vancouver's opinionated newspaper"
    "The Discovery Magazine" (Nova Scotia)
    Socialist Worker
    Newspaper of the International Socialists.
    The Sunday Independent
    "Independent Thinking," St. John's, Nfld.
    This Magazine
    "Because everything is political"
    The Tyee
    "A feisty one" -- news and views for BC
    Women and Environments
    "Examines women's relations to their environments"
    "Canada's Aboriginal news source"
    The Walrus
    Toronto-based general interest magazine.

    ¶ Television & Video
    Boiling Frog
    Promote and distribute activist media.
    "Intelligent television", focus on public affairs.
    Independent World Television
    New TV network; 'Serious news and diversity of opinion'.
    Videos about global justice and social issues.
    Toronto Video Activist Collective.
    Working TV
    "From the point of view of those who do the work."
    The Real News
    A worldwide independent news network that investigates the critical issues of our time
    Chernozym Video
    Activist Documentary Video Production based in Toronto

    ¶ Online
    Active Voice Online
    Active Voice Coalition, Prince George, BC
    "...for a different world"
    "Unreliable local media"; London, ON
    Autonomy and Solidarity
    "An exploratory network and political space"
    BC Free Press
    Independent news/opinion webzine.
    Independent perspectives on the events, people and issues.
    Currents of Awareness
    Featuring diverse, credible independent news.
    Canadian Spectator
    Non-corporate news and links.
    Creative Resistance
    Making Injustice Visible -- activism from BC.
    Online Environmental Magazine, New Brunswick.
    The Filter
    Filtering the polluted media landscape.
    "Aboriginal information, news, analysis"
    Original reporting from Halifax-based journalists.
    Raise the Hammer
    "For a vibrant, livable Hamilton"
    LabourStart: Canada
    "Labour news from Canada"
    Montreal Muslim News
    "Because you have a right to know"
    Writing and reporting from Naomi Klein and others.
    "Showcases progressive social movements"
    "Where you can be the media."
    "Pop-politics, Culture, Canadian Perspective"
    "News for the rest of us"; a progressive online journal.
    A radical newswire.
    Salt Spring Island News
    Of and For Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
    Seven Oaks
    Politics, culture and resistance.
    The Straight Goods
    Independent online source of news, information and fun.
    Toronto Whorlpool Magazine
    "Canadian alternative media resource directory"
    Vive le Canada
    "Grassroots efforts to improve Canadian sovereignties"

    ¶ Primarily Local
    Annex Echo
    Humanist neighbourhood newspaper, Toronto
    Catch da Flava
    Newspaper and radio in Regent Park, Toronto.
    "Vision of a Sustainable Vancouver Island"
    Connecting social justice folks in Toronto.
    Gateway to environment, peace and sustainable living.
    Flotsam and Jestam
    Salt Spring Island, BC
    The Glebe
    Community newspaper in Ottawa
    South shore, Nova Scotia
    West coast environmental news
    Watershed Sentinel
    "Environmental news from Georgia Strait"

    ¶ En Français
    La Gauche
    "L'indépendence, le feminisme et le socialisme"
    Le Mouton Noir
    Un journal d'opinion et d'information.
    Reseau Media
    Le portail des médias alternatifs du Québec.
    Un Seul Monde
    "Des points de vue provenant des mouvements associatifs"

    ¶ Organizations and Activism
    Friends of Canadian Broadcasting
    "defend and enhance"
    "cross-media ownership, convergence and integration"
    "feminist organization... social justice and equality"
    Guerrilla Media
    "West Coast direct-action media critics"
    "A new vision for Canadian broadcasting"

    ¶ Independent Media Centres
    Independent Media Centres are activist-run media outlets that emphasize broad public participation in the creation of media. These web sites utilize "open publishing" a practice that allows anyone to post their reporting, video or audio footage, photography, or analysis.
    ¶ "Independent" Weeklies
    City based weeklies are often corporate owned and are heavily dependent on corporate advertisers, but nonetheless have been known to carry occasional stories that do not appear in the rest of the corporate press.
    Georgia Straight - Vancouver
    XPress - Ottawa
    Now - Toronto
    Eye - Toronto
    Vue - Edmonton
    Hour - Montréal
    FRED - Fredericton
    The Coast - Halifax
    FFWD - Calgary

    ¶ Student Press
    Aquinian - St. Thomas U
    Argosy - Mount Allison U
    Argus - Lakehead U
    Arthur - Trent U
    Athenaeum - Acadia U
    Baron - UNB Saint John
    Brock Press - Brock U
    Brunswickan - U of New Brunswick
    Cadre - U of Prince Edward Island
    Caper Times - UC Cape Breton
    Carillon - U of Regina
    Cascade - UC Fraser Valley
    Dialog - George Brown
    Echo - Vanier College
    Excalibur - York U
    Fulcrum - Ottawa U
    Gateway - U of Alberta
    Gazette - Dalhousie U
    Imprint - U of Waterloo
    Intercamp - Grant MacEwan College
    Interrobang - Fanshawe College
    The Journal - Queen's U
    Link - Concordia U
    Manitoban - U of Manitoba
    Martlet - U of Victoria
    McGill Daily - McGill U
    Meliorist - U of Lethbridge
    Mike - St. Michael's College, U of T
    Muse - Memorial U of Newfoundland
    Navigator - Malaspina U College
    OBITERdicta - Osgoode Hall Law
    Omega - U College of the Cariboo
    Ontarion - U of Guelph
    Other Press - Douglas College
    Over the Edge - U of Northern BC
    Peak - Simon Fraser U
    Phoenix - Okanagan UC
    Plant - Dawson College
    Polyscope - École Polytechnique, Mtl
    Quill - Brandon
    Ryersonian - Ryerson
    Silhouette - McMaster
    Strand - Victoria College, U of T
    Ubyssey - U of British Columbia
    Underground - Scarborough, U of T
    Uniter - U of Winnipeg
    Varsity - U of Toronto
    Voice - Athabasca U
    Window - New College, U of T
    Xaverian Weekly - St. Francis Xavier
    ¶ Radio
    Due to (comparatively) progressive frequency licensing, Canada is blessed with a (comparatively) vibrant campus, community and independent radio scene. Many carry syndicated independent news programs, and some produce substantial original reporting. Additionally, many "broadcast" their programming over the internet.
    CJSF - Burnaby
    CFUV - Victoria
    CITR - Vancouver
    CFRO - Vancouver
    CFBX - Kamloops
    CJSR - Edmonton
    CJSW - Calgary
    CKUL - Lethbridge
    CFCR - Saskatoon
    CKUW - Winnipeg
    CFBU - St. Catharines
    CJAM - Windsor
    CFFF - Peterborough
    CFRC - Kingston
    CKLN - Toronto
    CIUT - Toronto
    CHRY - Toronto
    CKMS - Waterloo
    CFRU - Guelph
    CKCU - Ottawa
    CHUO - Ottawa
    CKUT - Montreal
    CJMQ - Lennoxville
    CHSR - Fredericton
    CHMA - Sackville
    Caper - Sydney
    Natradio - Toronto
    CKDU - Halifax

    ¶ Directories
    The lists above are inevitably not exhaustive, and may at some times be out of date. A list of other useful (Canadian) directories follows.
    Aboriginal media in North America
    Includes several Canadian sites.

    A list of student papers

    Newspapers in Canada
    An exhaustive list, by province.

    Includes major lists of web sites, newspapers and Magazines.

    Reseau des Médias Alternatifs
    A directory of independent media in Québec.

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    Canadian Campus, Community, Native, and Non-Commercial Stations Online

    Directory of Canadian weblogs of all kinds.

    | |